Trip Approval Web Service

The Trip Approval web service allows clients to approve or reject trips. Clients send the unique identifier for the trip, the approver email and the workflow action to be performed (either approve or reject).
Works With These Concur Products
  • Travel for Concur Professional/Premium
  • Travel for Concur Standard
Concur Connect API Structure

Refer to Web Services > Core Concepts for:

  • Detailed information regarding the format, structure and process of making calls to a Concur Web Service.
  • Information on authentication and authorization for all Concur Web Services.
  • Information on registering and enabling partner applications to use Concur Web Services.
Product Restrictions

Concur products are highly configurable, and not all clients will have access to all features.

Partner developers must determine which configurations are required for their solution prior to the application review process. Use the Developer Forum if you have questions about the configuration settings.

Existing clients can work with Concur Advantage Technical Services to create custom applications that work with their configuration.

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Trip Approval

Responses and Errors


Responses and Errors

Refer to the HTTP Codes page for details of the common responses and errors.

Error Codes

Error Code Table
Code Description
501 TripId or ItinLocator is missing.
503 ManagerId is required. This is sometimes returned when the ApproverLogin is invalid.
504 Action is required.
505 Invalid Action (must be either approve or reject).
506 No tripId found for this ItinLocator or RecordLocator.
507 No request data.
508 Request data is not well formatted XML.
509 XML Validation Error. XML schema validation errors will be supplied, if available.
510 TripLocator ir RecordLocator was not found
600 An error occured while approving the trip.
700 An error occured while rejecting the trip.

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