Retrieves the list of Expense Polices, Expense Types and Payment Types for the Expense Group the user specified in the OAuth access token is assigned to. Each Expense Policy contains a list of valid Expense Types. The Payment Types are associated with the user’s Expense Group and apply to all the returned policies. Only the payment types that are valid for the Post Expense Entry endpoint are returned.

NOTE: The Concur Expense product is highly configurable, and each client may have a unique set of payment types. If a payment type is not included in the response, it is not available for use with this client.


Request parameters



Authorization header

Authorization header with OAuth token for valid Concur user.

Accept header



Content body

This request will return an ExpenseGroupConfiguration parent element. The ExpenseGroupConfiguration has a PaymentTypes child element and a PolicyAndExpenseTypesList child element.

The PaymentTypes child element has a PaymentType child element for each configured payment type. The PolicyAndExpenseTypesList child element has a PolicyandExpenseTypes child element for each policy configured for this expense group.

PaymentType elements

Element Description
PaymentTypeID The encrypted key for the payment type. This is the unique identifier for the payment type.
PaymentTypeName The name of the payment type.

PolicyandExpenseTypes elements

Element Description
PolicyKey The ID value of the policy.
PolicyName The name of the policy.
ExpenseTypes The parent element for the list of expense types in the policy. It contains an ExpenseType child element for each expense type in the policy.

ExpenseType elements

Element Description
ExpKey The expense type key.
ExpName The label of the expense type.
ParentExpKey The code of the expense type’s parent.
ParentExpName The label of the expense type’s parent.
SpendCategory The spend category assigned to the expense type for reporting purposes.


XML example request

Authorization: OAuth {access token}

XML example of successful response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml

<ExpenseGroupConfiguration xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
            <PaymentTypeName>Company Paid</PaymentTypeName>
            <PolicyName>CA Expense Policy</PolicyName>
                    <ExpName>Promotional Items</ExpName>
                    <ParentExpName>Business Promotions</ParentExpName>
                    <ExpName>Trade Shows</ExpName>
                    <ParentExpName>Business Promotions</ParentExpName>
                    <ExpName>Local Phone</ExpName>