Get a list of locations


NOTE: Find the newer version 3.0 here

Retrieves a list of valid city location codes.


Request parameters

Query parameters

Parameter Required/Optional Description
city={searchstring} required The city name. The system will return all values with city names that begin with the supplied name. The city name value is not case sensitive. The value can contain the * wildcard. This wildcard matches any number of characters. For example, Locations?city=old*b_o will match the city name “Old Saybrook”



Authorization header

Required. Authorization header with OAuth token for valid Concur user.

Content-Type header



Content types


Response body

This request will return a LocationsList parent element with a Location parent element for each location with a City Name that contains the search text. The Location parent element contains the following child elements.

Location elements

Element Description
Name The city name.
Country The country name for the location.
State The state/province name for the location. Empty if there is no corresponding state/province.
LocationID The unique key for the location. This value is required when posting data in the City element.


XML example request

GET{_searchstring_} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: OAuth {access token}

XML example of successful response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml

<LocationList xmlns=""    
        <Country>UNITED STATES</Country>
        <Country>UNITED STATES</Country>
        <Country>UNITED STATES</Country>