This API has been deprecated.

Partners and customers using a deprecated API should contact SAP Concur and discuss moving to the latest versions.

Learn more in the API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy.


This request is sent when the Travel user requests the reservation details for the supplied reservation ID. The response includes the reservation details, and is identical to the Post New Reservation response.





The Hotel direct connect sends the relevant information to a URI that the travel supplier maintains. The standard location is:


The supplier determines the URI and provides it to SAP Concur to use when registering the partner application.


Accept header


Authorization header

Authorization header with Basic credentials. Required. Refer to the Security documentation for more information.

Request body

The request will contain a OTA_ReadRQ parent element, containing the following attributes:

  • xmlns
  • EchoToken
  • TimeStamp
  • PrimaryLangID
  • xmlns:xsi
  • xsi:schemaLocation
  • Version

The OTA_ReadRQ parent element contains the following child elements:

Element Description
POS The point of sale information. Contains a Source child element that specifies the source of the request. For information about Source element, see the Source elements table below.
ReadRequests This element has a ReadRequest child element. For information about the ReadRequest element, see the ReadRequest elements table below.

Source elements

The Source element has the following attributes:

  • ISOCountry: The country code for the Travel user’s home country.
  • ISOCurrency: The 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code for the Travel user’s currency.

The Source element contains the following element:

Element Description
RequestorID The corporate identifier. If necessary, multiple RequestorID elements can be sent. This element has the following attributes:
Type: The type code for the corporate identifier. Should be one of the supported ID Type Codes.
ID: The corporate identifier.
ID_Context: The corporate identifier context.

ReadRequest elements

Element Description
UniqueID This element has the following attributes:
ID: The reservation identification number.
Type: The type of reservation.
Verification This parent element contains information that can be used to verify the owner of the reservation. For information about the Verification element, see the Verification elements table below.

Verification elements

Element Description
PersonName This parent element contains the GivenName and SurName child elements, which should match the reservation details.
TelephoneInfo This element has the PhoneNumber attribute, which contains the guest telephone number. The number should match the reservation.

XML Example Request

POST /concur/hotel/v1 HTTPS/1.1
Authorization: Basic ...
Content-Type: application/xml
Content-Length: {length of content body}

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<OTA_ReadRQ xmlns="" EchoToken="ABC123" TimeStamp="2012-01-01T19:00:00" PrimaryLangID="en-us" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" ../Schemas/OTA_ReadRQ.xsd" Version="1">
        <Source ISOCountry="US" ISOCurrency="USD">
            <RequestorID Type="18" ID="7777777" />
            <UniqueID ID="888000888" Type="14" />
                <TelephoneInfo PhoneNumber="212-555-1212" />


The supplier responds to the request by returning the details of the completed booking.

Content Types


Response body

The response is identical to the response for Post New Reservation.