Change to how sandboxes are requested

We are changing how existing and potential partner developers acquire sandboxes. The current self serve sandboxes are a limited version of Concur Expense only. If the partner developer is looking to develop for Concur Travel, Invoice, or Request, these sandboxes are not configured to allow API calls for those products. The end result has been wasted effort on the part of developers as they self provision a sandbox only to run into a dead end. They then need to reach out to our platform teams, who very often create a different sandbox for the partner to use.

We are working on a more full feature sandbox for self service to resolve this in the future. In the meantime, partners that either already have a signed agreement with Concur or have an assigned Concur resource they are working with should reach out to that resource to provision them with the correct sandbox for their scenario.

If you don't currently have an assigned Concur resource to work with, and are interested in simply trying out the Concur APIs, please reach out to the Forums and someone will assist you.

We appreciate youre patience as we work to improve the ability for our partner developers to test our our APIs and build integrations with Concur.