Sandbox Creation Form

As a Concur customer, partner or developer, you can create a development sandbox by filling out and submitting the form below. NOTE: Please log out of all Concur products before proceeding.

Before You Start

Do not use an email address that is currently used in any Concur product, is likely to be used in any Concur product in the future, or is an existing Concur email address; the email address must be unique within the Concur platform.

About Creating a Sandbox

When you register, Concur will create a sandbox company for testing applications. This test company provides access to the Concur expense reporting experience by default, and can be configured to access additional services. In your test company, you can create two (2) more user accounts to test functionality at three different access levels: end user, expense report approver, and administrator.

The sandbox test company can be used with the following APIs:

  • Attendee
  • Expense
  • Imaging
  • Itinerary
  • List Item
  • Payment Batch File
  • Travel Profile
  • User

To configure your sandbox for additional products or APIs, go to Concur Forums.

When You Login

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the information that appears in the pop-up when you successfully sign on for the first time. You will need to contact your Partner Enablement repesenative for the information required to create your app. We are currently in the process of streamlining and creating a self-service process that will be available in early 2017. We apologize for this manual process in the meantime.

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