Reminder: Support Ending for Deprecated APIs


As described in the Feb 2016 release notes, the effective date for the deprecation of the following Concur APIs was May 19, 2016. In two weeks, as of November 19, 2016, the APIs will be retired, and Concur will not address any new issues concerning them.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you are now using the latest versions of the APIs you require.

The Concur Platform deprecation policy is available here.

Deprecated APIs and API Functions

API API Function
Allocation Create Allocation v3.0
Allocation Delete Allocation v3.0
Allocation Get Allocation Details v1.1
Allocation Get Allocation Info v1.1
Itemization Get Itemization v3.0
Itemization Update Itemization v3.0
Itemization Delete Itemization v3.0
Itemization Post Expense Entry Itemization 1.1
List Update List v3.0
Attendee / Attendee Type Get Attendee v1.0
Attendee / Attendee Type Delete Attendee v3.0
Attendee / Attendee Type Create Attendee Type v3.0
Attendee / Attendee Type Delete Attendee Type v3.0

Business Purpose/Client Benefit

This update removes outdated or unused APIs and API functions.

Additional information is available on the SAP Concur Developer Center: