acconect Utility

acconnect is a command-line tool that obtains a request token for the specified user by using the App Center flow.


  • Windows XP or later Windows operating system. If you’re using Mac OS X, you will need to run a Windows VM such as Parallels Desktop in order to use the tool
  • You must be an administrator on the local computer.

acconnect Utility (ZIP)


acconnect.exe * consumerKey consumerSecret scope username password redirectURL environment*

Required. Specifies the consumer key for the application.

Required. Specifies the consumer secret for the application.

Required. Specifies the Web service for which you want to obtain the access token. If you need an access token for multiple Web services, you can specify multiple values and separate each with a comma. For example, to obtain a token that allows you to access the Expense Report and Imaging Web services, you would set your scope as:


Required. The username of the specified user.

Required. The password of the specified user.

Required. The URL of the partner application page that receives the request token. The redirect URL must be enclosed in quotes.


This example creates a request token in a production environment for the specified user. The token allows access to the Expense Report Web service.

acconnect.exe VJbNf8skImcf79QOV2Zfz8 M6nNN433aaXh9W4kNJQVP85DpPd3JYGV EXPRPT john@connect5 password1 ""