How To Log a Support Case

In the App Center Partner Program, partners provide first-line support for their application.

  • Please advise customers to contact you directly for support rather than SAP Concur, which may slow the support process down and reduce customer satisfaction.
  • If you are an existing partner and would like support from SAP Concur, please follow the steps below to log a ticket.
    • If you do not have login credentials to the partner support portal, please email App Center Alliance to request them.

Login and open a partner support case

Partner cases must include the following:

  • App Name: Partners may have more than one certified app.
  • Customer Name: This is the name that SAP Concur will recognize.
  • For Partner apps certified after September 2017, tickets must include:
    • The CompanyUUID – available via the Company Info API.
    • The concur-correlationId from the API response.
  • Reproduction steps:
    • Provide contextual information related to the issue so support engineers have an understanding of what the integration is attempting to accomplish.
  • If applicable:
    • Employee Name
    • Expense Report Name, Travel Request Name, Payment Request Name, etc.
    • Transactional data such as expense type, date, amount, etc.
  • API related information:
    • Refresh Token: Never supply this via email.
    • API Request Information
      • URI
      • Include Method - GET, POST, PUT, POST
      • POST payload.
    • API Response Information
      • All HTTP Headers
      • Response payload.
    • Additional log information relevant to the issue.