Support Scenarios

Note: For issues with a partner app, please contact the partner’s support desk. If they can’t resolve the issue they will file an SAP Concur support ticket.

  • Partners have two choices depending on the scenario.
  • Company Administrators access the FAQ and other resources to get the help you need.
  • Individual Users of SAP Concur products should request assistance from their company’s internal help desk or their company’s SAP Concur administrator.

Maintenance Schedule and Service Status

The SAP Concur platform undergoes routine maintenance each weekend, and releases updates monthly. During these periods, the service may be unavailable. Unplanned maintenance is performed rarely, and limited to high priority fixes. During downtime, any request to the SAP Concur Platform will receive an HTTP 503 error code. To check the current status see Service Status where a message will be posted during planned maintenance.

Monthly Release Schedule

For details regarding planned releases, see the SAP Concur Release Calendar.

How To Log a Support Case

If you are an existing partner and need support from SAP Concur, please click the link below to open a support case. If you do not have login credentials to the partner support portal, please ask a member of your team that does have access to open a support case requesting to have credentials generated for you. If there is no longer anyone on your team who is an Authorized Support Contact (ASC), please email App Center Alliance.

NOTE: If you are an SAP Concur CUSTOMER seeking support, be aware that this link and alias are meant for App Center, Endorsed Apps, and Solution Extensions PARTNERS only. Please instead reach out to your SAP Concur account owner for customer support access.

Login and open a partner support case

Partner cases must include the following:

  • App Name: Partners may have more than one certified app.
  • Customer Name: This is the name that SAP Concur will recognize.
  • For Partner apps certified after September 2017, tickets must include:
    • The CompanyUUID – available via the Company Info API.
    • The concur-correlationId from the API response.
  • Reproduction steps:
    • Provide contextual information related to the issue so support engineers have an understanding of what the integration is attempting to accomplish.
  • If applicable:
    • Employee Name
    • Expense Report Name, Travel Request Name, Payment Request Name, etc.
    • Transactional data such as expense type, date, amount, etc.
  • API related information:
    • Refresh Token: Never supply this via email.
    • API Request Information
      • URI
      • Include Method - GET, POST, PUT, POST
      • POST payload.
    • API Response Information
      • All HTTP Headers
      • Response payload.
    • Additional log information relevant to the issue.

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