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Business travel is a $1.12 trillion industry, with U.S. business travelers logging 452M trips a year.* Concur enables businesses to manage everything from travel bookings to expenses and compliance requirements. And apps that integrate are in demand.

The in-product Concur App Center is designed for 25M travelers. Find API Documentation, forumssample code, videos, and resources for getting started to put your app inside.


Build Apps for Every Part of the Trip

With our APIs, you can deliver helpful services before travelers embark. CIBTVisas, for instance, integrates with Concur to alert users on the travel documents, Visas or passports needed based on their itinerary. While TripIt takes all trip details and creates one itinerary that’s there when and where travelers need it.

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With our APIs, you can assist Concur travelers on the go with transportation services like TaxiMagic and Park ‘N Fly, and apps that help travelers navigate, like TripLingo’s translation tool.

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When travelers return with a heap of receipts, Concur automates expense reporting. Apps that simplify reporting are welcome. Blackspark’s borderFile, for instance, automates business traveler payroll compliance. And Concur’s E-receipt suppliers can automatically send travel receipt and itinerary data to Concur’s expense reporting system.

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*Sources:  GBTA Foundation, Annual Global Report & Forecast, August 2013; U.S. Travel Association, U.S. Travel Answer Sheet, 2014.