API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy

The API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy is part of our API terms and conditions of use. We may make periodic updates to this policy, at which time we will notify those who have agreements with us.

API Version Status

  • Active: An active API version is the most current and fully supported API. It is the recommended version for everyone to use.
  • Deprecated: A deprecated API version has been superseded by a newer API version. New apps will be denied access to deprecated APIs.
  • Decommissioned: A decommissioned API version is no longer available on production.

API Lifespan and State Change

  • Minimum Lifespan: We will provide a minimum lifespan for APIs of 24 months in the active or deprecated status before announcing a decommissioned state.
  • Deprecated -> Decommissioned: Once an API transitions from an active to deprecated status, we will maintain the API in the deprecated state for a minimum of 12 months before transitioning the API to decommissioned state.
  • Decommissioned: Decommissioned APIs are no longer supported and any and all documentation may be deleted at our discretion.
  • Exceptions: There may be exceptions where we are not able to satisfy the foregoing minimum lifespan or minimum deprecated state duration. This is including but not limited to:
    • Where required by law or regulatory authority.
    • Where required by a third party licensor.
    • To address a security risk.
    • To address a claim by a third party of intellectual property infringement.
    • Where the associated SAP Concur product has entered end of life.
    • Where the API or the associated application have no adoption and are therefore being deleted.

API Version Status Table

Active Deprecated Decommissioned
API is live in production. API is live in production. API is no longer available in production.
Documentation: Available for review two weeks prior to launch. Posted on day of launch. Documentation: Deprecated status indicated and posted on day of deprecation. Documentation: N/A
Support: Updated with bug fixes and new features are available. Support: Updated with bug fixes for a minimum of 12 months. Support: None.
Release Notes: Notify two weeks prior to launch. Announce availability when in production. Release Notes: Notify 30 days prior to deprecation. Announce when deprecated. Time period is at least 12 months in this status. Release Notes: Notify 30 days prior to decommissioning.

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