Handling data with care and delivering a positive experience for our customers is paramount at Concur.  To ensure an appropriate level of data security and good customer experience, all apps that integrate and appear in the App Center go through our App Review process.
NOTE: This only applies to developers who are building an integration across multiple clients (i.e., an app that would appear in the App Center or TMC integrations). Concur clients who are using these APIs for interaction with their own data do not need to go through certification.

Get Started on Your API Review

  1. Register for a sandbox and find API documentation.
  2. As you develop your app, your Partner Enablement Project Manager will direct you to complete an App Submission web form. See the requirements to pass certification in these Overview docs (these include Support requirements expected of the Partner):

Enterprise apps: https://prezi.com/p/lw0qqy51zcmd/ (this does not pertain to a Triplink app integration) eReceipt apps: https://prezi.com/p/ur2i1m8thynz/ (this does not pertain to a Triplink app integration)

  1. Once you submit the form, your registered app will go through an evaluation process.  You may be asked for additional information or requested to make changes to your app depending on the outcome of the review.

After your app is approved, your app listing will be reviewed before publishing in the Concur App Center.

Watch Our Certification Overview Video

How Does App Review Work?

Concur conducts an initial application and security review in the sandbox environment.  For solutions that process, transmit or store sensitive information, an additional review may be conducted in our sandbox as well as your production environment.

Is There a Cost?

For apps for individual travelers, the fee for App Review is currently being waived.  For apps requiring enterprise-level integration or access to corporate information, there are costs for App Review and you will be asked to enter into a partnership agreement.  Our partner team at bizdev@concur.com will work hand-in-hand with you, and looks forward to hearing from you.

What does Concur Specifically Review?

The App Review process includes a review of:

  • Application functionality, performance, and stability
  • Information management practices
  • Integration and connection flows
  • Set up and support processes
  • User experience, including:
    • Basic overview of the application
    • Integration use cases
    • Connection flow to Concur, including the Sign In and Sign Up pages if applicable
    • Sample action and output the user or Concur company administrator should expect after connecting or enabling the app