SAP Concur App Development Guides

These guides are intended to help you gain a better understanding of our APIs in specific use cases and workflows. Please read the Getting Started section below first.

We will create more Guides once additional APIs are made available.

Your company (be it an existing SAP Concur client or a software development company pursuing a certified SAP Concur App Center application) can use the SAP Concur Developer Platform to build a variety of applications, ranging from single-function apps to end-to-end solutions.

SAP Concur APIs implement OAuth 2.0 to authenticate users and authorize access to their SAP Concur data. To go from your idea to users using your app in conjunction with SAP Concur follow these steps:

  1. Request a sandbox: Note: It is recommended that any potential App Center Partners that are developing an “App for My Business” request a Professional Edition sandbox as well as a Standard Edition sandbox. To request a Professional Edition sandbox please contact (Clients interested in developing an app for their own use, can follow the steps below to enable an app in their own production instance. This requires the client to purchase “Web Services”).
  2. Read the desired Guides & related API docs and begin developing your app. (see the Guides listed on the left margin)
  3. Fully test your app in your sandbox. This will ensure your integration works and, if applicable, increases value for the end user experience in the SAP Concur UI.
  4. Note to the developer pursuing a certified App Center App: Once your testing is complete, the SAP Concur Partner Enablement team will guide you through the Certification process. (Also see: Then, we will supply the production App ID & Secret (this will be different from your sandbox). Your application will not be available to SAP Concur clients or their users until SAP Concur and the developer have completed the certification process. Publication in our App Center will follow shortly afterwards via the work you do with our App Center Marketing team ( See this overview presentation to learn the expectations to pass certification and properly support your app in production: