Integration Guides

You can use the SAP Concur platform to build a variety of applications, ranging from single-function apps to end-to-end solutions. With so many options it can be difficult to get started.

These guides are intended to help you gain a better understanding of our APIs in specific use cases and workflows. They are not the only way to approach building a solution, instead think of them as a road map. Most of them assume that you have basic knowledge about the platform and have the necessary agreements in place that allow you to make API calls into the system.

First Steps

SAP Concur Clients: You can create solutions that interface with your SAP Concur data once you have purchased the Web Services product. Contact SAP Concur Support to get started.

New Partners: Your company must enter into a commercial agreement with SAP Concur before using the APIs. If you have not yet entered into an agreement with SAP Concur, review the information on the Build App Center Solutions page.

Existing Partners: Depending on the solution you want to build, the SAP Concur Platform team may need to configure your existing sandbox for your new needs. You can make that request by contacting your Alliance Manager.

All Developers: Before using the Integration Guides, you must understand the authentication process.

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