2019-03-05 :: New SSL Certificate for concursolutions.com


In an effort to ensure the ongoing security of our products and services, SAP Concur has issued a new concursolutions.com SSL certificate. The current certificate will expire on March 16, 2019.

Any customer who has pinned this expiring certificate will need to update to the new certificate prior to March 16, 2019. If the pinned certificate is not updated prior to March 16, 2019, your organization and users will experience disruption to SAP Concur products and services.

Customers who have not pinned the certificate do not need to take any action as the new certificate is updated automatically. Most customers do not pin the certificate.

Please be aware: As an enhancement to our Security and Compliance program, this certificate will be updated on an annual basis.


This update provides ongoing security for our products and services.

Configuration / Feature Activation

Please consult with your IT department to check if this applies to you.

The new SSL certificate can be accessed here: http://assets.concur.com/concurtraining/cte/en-us/concursolutions.cert.pem

Supply this URL to your IT department.

To save the certificate, click the link above, select all the text in the browser, copy it to a file, then name the file concursolutions.cert.pem.