2018-11-08 :: New Purchase Request v4 API

The Purchase Request v4 API gives SAP Concur clients the ability to leverage external data to create purchase requests for pre-authorization of purchase orders.

2018-10-08 :: Trip Approval v1 API Is Retired

Concur has retired the Trip Approval API. This API provided 3rd parties with the ability to manage Concur Travel trip approvals (as required by Concur Travel rules and policy) in systems outside of Concur Travel. This API is inactive and is no longer supported. All trip approval functions within Concur Travel and Concur Request will continue to function as usual. Only the external API endpoint is being retired. More details can be found in the Trip Approval v1 documentation.

2018-10-02 :: Maintenance Scheduled October 7, 2018

The SAP Concur EMEA Data Center will be undergoing maintenance from 20:00 CEST on Saturday, October 6, through 06:00 CEST on Sunday, October 7, 2018. During this time, there will be no access to the data center services.

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