Last Update August 1, 2016

Step 1: Prospect clicks on Inquiry button via App Center listing

The first step is for a prospect to click on the Inquiry button via the unique App Center listing.

Inquiries may be submitted by clients as well as Concur employees.

Sample App Center Inquiry Button:

Sample App Center Inquiry Button

Step 2: Inquiry form submission

After clicking on the inquiry button the prospect is redirected to the App Center Inquiry form which is dynamic and customized for each partner. The prospect must then complete the form and submit it. After submitting the form the prospect will receive a confirmation page. Thereafter, they will be redirected back to the partner’s App Center listing.

Sample App Center Inquiry Form:

Sample App Center Inquiry Form

Sample Confirmation Page:

Sample Confirmation Page

Step 3: Lead Form Submission Confirmation Email

After submitting the form the prospect will also receive a confirmation email. If the lead was submitted by a Concur employee the email confirmation will be slightly modified.

Sample Confirmation Emails:

Sample Confirmation Email 1

Sample Confirmation Email 2

Step 4: Inquiry Notification Email

The App Center partner will receive an inquiry notification email. Partners must click on the “Accept/Reject” button to be redirected to the Accept/Reject Form for completion.

Sample Inquiry Notification Email:

Sample Inquiry Notification Email

Sample Accept/Reject Form:

Sample Accept/Reject Form

Lead Set Up Requirements

Leads will be sent to the partner from Concur marketing automation tool Marketo. To ensure receipt of all leads the following steps must be completed by the partner:

  1. Verify the lead email address provided in the App Center Listing Form to receive leads is correct.
  2. Provide their IT team the following details to whitelist the Concur IP address and place Concur on the safe sender list.
  3. Email From Address:
  4. From Sender: Concur App Center Referral
  5. Subject: AppCenter Inquiry Submission
  6. Domain:,
  7. Whitelist IP addresses: 1. Concur 1. Marketo