These videos explain how a client or third-party developer can use our APIs to build their own applications. While originally created for Web Services clients they are helpful to anyone who wants to learn to more about how to use the SAP Concur APIs. They can be consumed in order, starting with the overall introduction to Web Services and authentication, or can be viewed independently if you’ve already made calls to our APIs and have questions on specific topics like Extracts and Lists.

Introduction to SAP Concur Web Services

Overview of SAP Concur Web Services offerings including architecture, security, and popular integrations using the APIs.

SAP Concur Web Services Authorization Guide

Guide for generating SAP Concur Web Service Access Tokens for use in API integrations. SAP Concur uses Oauth 2.0 Authentication for access to the APIs. Clients must have a Client Web Services subscription for credentials to access the APIs.

SAP Concur Web Services Integration Guide

For integration developers building SAP Concur Web Services API integrations. Overview of client-facing tools and forms in the SAP Concur UI that integration developers will need to be familiar with for mapping and connecting to the APIs.

Guide to running the Extract API

Allows SAP Concur clients to pull approved Expense Reports or Invoices from SAP Concur to send to the ERP general ledger. This video goes through the preliminary checks and four step process for running the Extract API job and retrieving the Extract file.

List Item API Guide

Adding, updating, or deleting list items appearing in Concur Expense, Invoice, Travel, or Request forms using the List Item API. The List Item API provides a real-time mechanism for pushing general ledger account entries, cost center, project codes, job codes, etc. from your Enterprise Platform to SAP Concur.

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