SAP Concur is pleased to welcome you as a partner. We encourage all SAP Concur App Center partners to create comprehensive marketing plans that incorporate PR, social media, digital marketing, events and sales training to help make the partnership a success. This toolkit provides guidelines and templates for referencing the SAP Concur brand and collaborating on marketing efforts.

Partner Resources

Visit our partner resources page to help you prepare for your App Center launch. Please view our Go to Market presentation to learn about next steps as a partner in the Enterprise Application (Apps for My Business) or User Connection (Apps for Me) category.

Please review all resources and check for periodic updates.

Marketing Office Hours

Join us for our monthly office hours.

Learn best practices for marketing your app and interact directly with the App Center Marketing Team.

Or email us at concur_AppCenterMarketing@sap.com.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

  • Always use your company’s logo and proprietary design when creating your own communication and marketing materials.
  • You may only use the provided Font Treatments or refer to the partnership in text.
Acceptable Branding Notes
We are an SAP Concur partner. -
SAP Concur Partner App Center Logo -
SAP Concur Partner App Center Logo -
Specific cases only Partners may use the SAP Concur logo only in specific situations, such as your integration or connection landing page UI or in a list of all of your partnerships. You must follow logo guidelines and submit content for review.
Do Not Use SAP Logo Partners are not permitted to use the SAP corporate logo.
Do Not Use Concur Logo Do not use the outdated “Concur” logo when creating materials.

Communicating Your Partnership

  • To refer to your partner status, use the term “SAP Concur partner.”
  • Use lowercase for “partner” in body text. You can use uppercase in headlines and titles.
Acceptable Branding
We are an SAP Concur Partner.
We are a Concur Partner

Prefer normal language to refer to your specific engagement.

Acceptable Branding
We are an SAP Concur partner. Our company provides SAP Concur solutions that help our customers manage their travel and expenses.
As an SAP Concur partner, we offer TMC services …
As an SAP Concur partner, we focus on enabling customer success.

SAP Concur Naming Conventions for use on landing pages, brochures, listing pages, and other collateral:

  • You can refer collectively to SAP Concur solutions, portfolio, or offerings, as appropriate.
  • If trademarks are required, the registered trademark at first mention for SAP and Concur when referring to the solutions or portfolio as a whole or more than one individual solution.
Acceptable Branding
SAP® Concur® solutions

Note that individual SAP Concur solutions have not yet adopted the SAP Concur brand. Do not include “SAP” in these offerings.

Acceptable Branding
Concur Expense
SAP Concur Expense

Program Name:

Acceptable Branding
SAP Concur App Center
Concur App Center

Font Treatment

After signing the partner agreement, you can use the “SAP Concur Partner” font treatment to communicate your engagement with SAP and related offerings in collateral, presents, landing pages, and at events.

Using the font treatment

  • Font treatments are intended for use in corporate materials (both print and online) referring to the specific offering(s).
  • Use only the files supplied by SAP. Do not alter the font treatment in any way.
  • Use “SAP Concur Partner” in quotation marks if you need to refer to the font treatment itself.
  • Download the ”SAP Concur Partner” font treatment here.
  • Download the ”SAP Concur Partner App Center” font treatment here.
  • Queen’s English “App Centre” spelling available here.

Please read the full font treatment guidelines provided in the downloaded folders or available here.

Minimum Size

To ensure legibility, the font treatment should not be printed smaller than 1.929” or 49 mm in width. Always maintain the aspect ratio of the font treatment when scaling.

Acceptable Branding
Minimum Size Image Print

Using trademark symbols

Include the registered trademark symbol “®” on the terms “SAP” and “Concur” (SAP® Concur®) at first mention in headlines and text. You do not need to include trademark symbols for Web or mobile sites or on projection screens.

Clear Space

Do not position any text, graphic element, or other visual marks inside the defined clear space.

Acceptable Branding
Clear Space

Color Specification

The color of the font treatment is based on the SAP color palette. Instead of the SAP color palette, you may use the PANTONE® colors listed here.

SAP Gold and SAP Dark Gray are the preferred colors for presentation of the font treatment. Use this version on white or light-colored backgrounds only.

Against dark backgrounds, use the font treatment in SAP Gold and white.

Acceptable Branding
SAP Dark Gray Image
SAP Gold Image

SAP Concur Logos

App Center partners may, with approval, use the SAP Concur logo in collateral and web pages to represent the partnership and integrations. The SAP Concur logo is currently only accepted for use in specific situations, such as your integration or connection landing page UI or in a list of all of your partnerships.

  • Only original SAP Concur logo or c-dot icon artwork may be used. The content must be clear that you are a partner of SAP Concur Logo placement must adhere to brand guidelines for clear space and sizing.
  • Email concur_AppCenterMarketing@SAP.com for logo files and to submit collateral and pages using the logo prior to approval.

Clear space and size requirements

Always maintain the logo’s aspect ratio when scaling.

The clear space surrounding the logo should measure 1.5x the height of the “S” in “SAP”.

Clear space image

In print, the SAP Concur logo can be reproduced down to 0.92” (23.4mm) wide. For digital applications, the logo can be reduced to 92 pixels wide.

Logo width image

Available logos

For logo files, please email concur_AppCenterMarketing@SAP.com.

Acceptable Branding
✅ (Certain cases and with App Center Marketing approval only.) Full logo image

C-dot only

Acceptable Branding
✅ (Certain cases and with App Center Marketing approval only. C-dot to be used only when the full logo will not fit the intended space.) c-dot only image

Partner Landing Pages

SAP Concur App Center partners are encouraged to create a web landing page that further describes the application and integration with SAP Concur; including resources, support and contact information for prospects to learn more, connect and engage. It’s important that prospects can find information on your website in addition to ours.

Work with App Center Marketing to include the “SAP Concur Partner” Font Treatment on your website and to approve your landing page content.

Public Relations and Social Media Guidelines

Press Release

As part of a public company, SAP Concur is responsible to shareholders for ensuring accurate representation of its brand and product offerings. With that in mind, SAP Concur must review any press releases mentioning our brand or our products.

The following guidelines are designed to make the approval process easier:

  • Please use the press release template provided to you in this toolkit.
  • For Non-U.S. templates, please email concur_AppCenterMarketing@sap.com to request the template for your specific region.
  • No press release will cross the wire without approval from both SAP Concur and participating partner.
  • All press releases must adhere to SAP Concur brand standards.
  • Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for approval of any press release.
  • Send your draft press release to App Center Marketing for review and management of the SAP Concur PR approval process.
  • Your application must be live in the App Center prior to issuing a press release.
  • User apps must be live in the App Center a minimum of two weeks for production testing prior to issuing a press release.
  • After press release approval, issue date should be scheduled within 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon with SAP Concur.

Press Release Template

[Partner] Integrates [solution] with Concur [Expense, Invoice, Travel, etc.] to deliver X benefits to SAP Concur clients

[Partner solution] now available in the SAP Concur App Center

Dateline – [Company], [company’s tagline], today announced the integration of [product name] with Concur® [Travel, Expense, Invoice, etc.] from SAP Concur, the world’s leading provider of travel, expense, and invoice management solutions. Now available in the SAP Concur App Center, [Company name] will provide SAP Concur clients with [insert benefits].

[Insert information on integration including benefits for the company and end users]

Quote from your company highlighting why you are working with SAP Concur and what challenges you are solving for SAP Concur clients, example: “We selected SAP Concur because of X,” said EXECUTIVE at PARTNER. “This will provide [insert benefits] to SAP Concur clients by… [insert how it benefits them].”

[Insert any additional information about solution]

[Partner App] is now available in the SAP Concur App Center. For more information on how [Partner App] works with Concur [Travel, Expense, Invoice], visit [insert link to App Center listing].

Launched in 2013, the SAP Concur App Center aims to make it easy for travelers to find and connect to apps that integrate with solutions from SAP Concur and provide additional value for individuals and businesses. With more than 160 pre-built integrations and popular connections, the SAP Concur App Center extends the value of SAP Concur solutions by helping customers implement them rapidly, gain insight into spend, simplify expense reporting and deliver the perfect trip.

[Insert Boilerplate for Partner Company]


SAP Concur and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See http://www.sap.com/corporate-en/legal/copyright/index.epx for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

For more information, press only:

<Insert partner contact information, such as PR contact name, phone, e-mail, time zone>

Social Media Overview

In addition to issuing a press release highlighting your SAP Concur integration, we encourage you to promote it through social media channels. Please share all blog posts, Tweets and Facebook posts with App Center Marketing for approval. We will work with you to jointly promote your posts and better amplify the message.

Please ensure blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts go out after any press releases are issued.

Blog posts

Blog Image

Blog posts are a great way to create keyword-heavy content that helps optimize your site for search engines in order to help people find you online and feature your integration with SAP Concur. We encourage these blog posts to include as many visuals, including screenshots of the application integration points, if possible. Links back to the SAP Concur website are also highly encouraged. Create content that clearly and accurately describes the integration and be thoughtful about which keywords are linked back to your App Center listing. For example, if you want people to find your application when they’re searching for “VAT reclaim on expenses,” hyperlink this phrase back to your App Center listing.


Twitter Logo

SAP Concur will happily follow your company and would appreciate the same from you. If SAP Concur is using a hashtag to promote the partnership, we encourage your company to leverage the same hashtag related to the announcement(s). We also recommend including each other’s handle in the tweet, including “@” (for example, @SAPConcur). For any events, be sure to use the appropriate hashtag, such as #SAPConcurFusion as well.


Facebook Logo

You are welcome to promote all related integration with SAP Concur via your corporate Facebook pages. SAP Concur is pleased to “like” your company page and would appreciate the same from you. In addition to the visibility this provides to both our companies, adding “@” in front of the company name will allow the announcement to show up on our timelines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

New to Search Engine Optimization? Check out the Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

  • All meta tags used must clearly state that you are an SAP Concur partner, to not be confused with SAP Concur as its own entity.
  • The terms “Concur”/”SAP Concur” (or another Concur product name) cannot be the first word in the title tag.
  • The tags should not mislead audiences nor the search crawlers into thinking that the site is an official representative of SAP Concur.
  • Do not use a website that is confusingly similar to the official SAP Concur website, or which may mislead audiences into thinking you are SAP Concur.

Category Pages

The App Center Marketing team has created search-optimized pages to drive more organic search traffic to partners.

Adding backlinks from reputable sites helps us increase our search ranking and visibility to prospects.

If you are in the below partner categories (more to be added in the future), please help us drive more traffic by linking to the following pages on your website:

If you are in the above categories, we will also add a link to your App Center listing from the SEO pages.

  • Use of Concur.com/AppCenter is permitted and encouraged.
  • Partners who would like to mention SAP Concur anywhere in ad copy (headline, main copy or display URL) can do so with approval. If SAP Concur is mentioned, the ad must clearly state that you are an SAP Concur partner. Contact App Center marketing with your request for approval.
  • Phrase and Exact matches may be acceptable if your keyword research identifies a specific phrase which targets our integrated solution (examples: “Concur VAT reclaim” or “Concur FCPA”). Contact App Center Marketing for approval before bidding.
  • To keep advertising costs under control for all of us, partners should not bid on our SAP Concur brand names (concur or SAP concur) or brand misspells (concur, concure, concurs, etc.) or brand + products terms (concur expense, concur travel etc.) in any match type. That would cause prices for these terms to go up, and we shouldn’t have to pay more for our own brand terms. Non-brand, generic terms can be bid on by anyone.
  • SAP Concur does not bid on competitor names as that can be an expensive and inefficient activity. Partners are also advised not to bid on SAP Concur competitors as that would result in competitors bidding on SAP Concur.
  • Partners should never misrepresent the SAP Concur company, brands or pricing. All prices displayed in search engine results and landing pages should be accurate and match with the price listed.
  • Paid keyword landing pages must clearly state that you are an SAP Concur partner. They must not mislead customers into thinking you are SAP Concur and/or are an exclusive or preferred SAP Concur partner.
  • Partners must never state or imply that they are the “official site” of SAP Concur in any territories.
  • Affected territories: These guidelines hold true for all search engines in all territories.
  • Prohibited display URLs: Partners should not use the following URLs either as display URLs or as ad-landing URLs in any territories:

Content Best Practices

Content (landing pages, brochures, images, blog posts, etc.) should follow the following best practices:

  • Easy to read
    • Not too much text – readers should be able to quickly digest the value and meaning
    • Text includes a call to action
    • Text is an appropriate size for the document or image
    • Text contrasts with the background (avoid light on light or dark on dark)
    • Make sure to spell-check and review your work!
  • Visually appealing
    • Use images of appropriate resolution for each platform. Avoid blurry images!
    • Don’t stretch an image disproportionately. Never disproportionately stretch a logo
    • Avoid “busy” content – stick to simple fonts, colors, and backgrounds
  • Brand-approved
    • Never use another company’s logo on external documents without permission
    • Follow SAP Concur logo & brand guidelines to refer to our partnership
  • Search-optimized
    • Have an SEO strategy and keep SEO in mind when creating content

Working with SAP Concur Approval Process

Do I need to have my content reviewed and approved by SAP Concur? Or can I just follow the rules and turn in my content at the deadline?**

Please do request all content to be reviewed and approved by App Center Marketing, and be sure to include lead times (10 business days minimum) into your planning. Brands evolve, and we want to make sure that you have the latest information possible, and that your ideas help us to grow our brands further.

Where do I submit my content for review and approval?

Email content to: concur_AppCenterMarketing@sap.com.

SAP Concur Contacts