Suppliers v3

Supplier companies provide travel services to users. The Suppliers resource can be used to retrieve information about suppliers.


Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. 

Retrieve all suppliers based on search criteria

GET  /api/v3.0/common/suppliers/


Name Type Format Description
name query string Name
address query string Address
address2 query string Address
city query string City
state query string State
zip query string Zip
country query string Country Code
phone query string Phone
mcCode query string MCC Code (Ex: Delta Airline - 3058)
taxId query string Tax Id
merchantType query string Merchant Type Code(Ex: Visa - VI, Amex - AX)
merchantID query string Merchant Id
iataCode query string IATA Code
relevance query Int32 Relevance of the Search results5

Retrieve a single supplier by ID

GET  /api/v3.0/common/suppliers/{id}


Name Type Format Description
id string path Required Supplier ID.



Name Type Format Description
Items Array Supplier The result connection
NextPage string - The URI of the next page of results, if any.


Name Type Format Description
AmadeusId string - Amadeus Id
AustinTetra string - Austin Tetra
BusinessName string - Name
ChainCode string - Chain Code
ChainName string - Chain Name
City string - City
CountryCode string - Country Code
CreditCardVendorId string - Creditcard Vendor Id
DunsNumber string - Duns Number
Email string - Email
Fax string - Fax
GalileoId string - Galileo Id
ID string - The unique identifier of the resource.
MccCode string - MCC Code (Ex: Delta Airline - 3058)
NorthstarId string - Northstar Id
PegasusId string - Pegasus Id
Phone string - Phone
PostalCode string - Zip
PrimaryNaics string - Primary Naics Code
PrimarySic string - Primary Sic Code
PropertyCode string - SUP_PARAM_PROPERTY_CODE
SabreId string - Sabre Id
SecondaryNaics string - Secondary Naics Code
SecondarySic string - Secondary Sic Code
State string - State
StreetAddress string - Address
StreetAddress2 string - Address2
TaxId string - Tax Id
TollFree string - Toll Free
URI string - The URI to the resource.
WebUrl string - Web Address
WorldspanId string - Worldspan Id

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