Cards v4 - Getting Started

Cards v4 API provides certified partner financial networks, issuing banks, and fin-tech partners with an automated path for mutual clients to make self-service connections between the partner and Concur Expense. This path enables the partner to subsequently submit Credit Card Account and Transaction data to Concur Expense in near real time. This API is only available to partners who have been granted access and are creating a certified application. It is not intended to be accessed by clients directly.


The Cards v4 API exposes the following resources:

Resource Description
Account Partners can create Accounts via bulk API.
Transaction Partners can create Transactions via bulk API.
Bulk Request Partners can retrieve the details of a Bulk Request.


Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API.

Cards v4 APIs are only available in US and EMEA data centers and only to partners who have been granted access.

Notification of bulk request completion via Event Subscription Service is already depicted in the process flow diagram but not yet available.

Process Flow


Products and Editions

  • Concur Expense Professional Edition
  • Concur Expense Standard Edition

Scope Usage

Name Description Endpoint
cards.account.writeonly Write Credit Card Account POST
cards.transaction.writeonly Write Credit Card Transaction POST Read Bulk Request details GET


SAP Concur clients must purchase Concur Expense in order to use this API. Please contact your SAP Concur representative for more information.

The Identity v4 API can be used to retrieve the userId and companyId.

Access Token Usage

This API supports company level access tokens.

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