Travel Extension v4

This endpoint is available to clients and partners who utilize User Provisioning v4 to provision or modify users in the Concur Travel extension. It allows callers to retrieve values for the Concur Travel user that have been provisioned via User Provisioning. For partners or TMCs who need to retrieve additional Travel Profile data that is not supported here, please use Travel Profile v2 API.


This API is only available to partners who have been granted access by SAP Concur. Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API.

Products and Editions

  • Concur Travel Professional Edition
  • Concur Travel Standard Edition

Scope Usage

Name Description Endpoint Reads general data. GET Reads private data. GET


SAP Concur clients must use the User Provisioning v4 API to provision users in order to use this endpoint to retrieve user data.

Access Token Usage

This API supports only company access tokens.

Retrieve Travel User Data

Retrieves the information of a SAP Concur Travel user.


  • - Refer to Scope Usage for full details.
  • - Refer to Scope Usage for full details.


GET /profile/travel/v4/Users
Name Type Format Description
id string UUID The SAP Concur UUID of the user.





    "id": "2d2f6adc-c8cf-4ae1-9416-38cda16761a1",
    "urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:travel:2.0:User": {
        "ruleClass": {
            "name": "Test Rule Class",
            "id": 624905
        "travelCrsName": "Testing Name",
        "name": {
            "namePrefix": "Prof Dr Mr",
            "givenName": "John",
            "hasNoMiddleName": false,
            "middleName": "Joe",
            "familyName": "Doe",
            "honorificSuffix": "VI"
        "travelNameRemark": "Testing",
        "gender": "Male",
        "orgUnit": "OrgUnit1",
        "customFields": [
                "name": "Canary ID",
                "value": "837373_updated"
                "name": "Customer User Field",
                "value": "Option 1 Vaue"
                "name": "Test Custom Field",
                "value": "8373738383"
                "name": "Test Evolvi"
                "name": "trainline department 2"
                "name": "trainline employe id 3"
                "name": "trainline trip purpose 1"
        "manager": {
            "value": "824CCAA3-DDAF-4912-B46A-BBEB4ED1D089",
            "employeeNumber": "John4_29_4_EmployeeNumber"
        "groups": [


Travel Extension

Name Type Format Description
name object - The user’s name.
name.familyName string - Travel family name of user.
name.givenName string - Travel given name of user.
name.hasNoMiddleName boolean - Flag for if user has no middle name.
name.honorificSuffix string - Travel honorific suffix of user.
name.middleName string - Travel middle name of user.
name.namePrefix string - Travel name prefix of user.
ruleClass object - Required Assigns the Concur Travel rule class for the travel user. Either Rule Class ID or Rule Class Name should be provided. Value must exactly match Travel Class name maintained in Travel.
travelNameRemark string - Concur Travel name remark. Can be used by TMCs to distinguish profiles where companies have multiple users with the same name.
travelCrsName string - The name of the profile in the GDS system or GDS profile name. This value associates a Concur Travel profile to the GDS profile.
orgUnit string - Org unit for the user. Value must exactly match an Org unit or division value setup for the company.
groups integer - List of user groups that user belongs to for assigning travel roles. Group ID can be found under: User Administration -> (Search for user) -> Travel Settings “User Group Membership (Group Id)”
gender string - Gender of the travel user. Supported values: Female, Male
manager object - Travel approver of this user. Must have value that is UUID and/or Employee Number of the Manager
employeeNumber string - The referenced manager user’s employee number.
value string - The referenced managers user’s UUID.
customFields object - User can set values to custom data fields.
name string - The name of the custom fields. Fields names can be found under: Administration -> Company Admin -> Manage Custom Fields.
value string - The value of the custom field.


Name Type Format Description
errorCode string - Required Machine readable code associated with the error.
errorMessage string - Required Message associated with the error.

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