Submit an Expense Report

Triggers the Submit workflow action for the specified report.

Important Note: This endpoint submits the expense report as if the original report owner had submitted it. Consult your company’s Expense administrator to confirm that the web service should be allowed to submit reports on behalf of users. If you wish to enforce the expense report delegate functionality, use the Get Expense Delegators function to determine if the user in question has the correct permissions to submit on behalf of the report owner.


Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. 


Request Parameters


EXPRPT - get, add, approve, or update expense reports.

Path Parameters

Parameter Required/Optional Description
{reportKEY}/submit required The identifier for the desired report and the submit keyword.


URI Source: The reportId value is returned by the Get List of Reports and Get Report Details functions, and as part of the Report-Details-Url element of the Post Expense Report Header function.

Content Types


Authorization Header

Authorization: This request requires an Authorization header with an OAuth token for a valid SAP Concur user.

X_UserID: This request requires an additional field in the authorization header, identifying the report owner. This identifier is the SAP Concur login for the user, and is often also the email address of the user. The field format is:



This request will return a ReportStatus parent element with the following child elements.

Report Status Elements

Element Description
Message The error message. Only appears if a submission error was generated.
Status The status of the report submit action.

If the report submission triggered an exception, a ReportExceptions parent element will be provided, with a ReportException parent element for each exception. The ReportException element contains the following elements.

Report Exception Schema

Element Description
CrnCode The currency code of the entry.
EventCode The event that resulted in the exception.
ExceptionCode The company-defined exception code.
ExceptionErrorCode The severity of the exception. Exceptions with ERROR as the code cannot be submitted.
ExceptionVisibility Which users are able to see the exception.
ExpKey The expense type key for the entry.
ExpName The expense type name for the entry.
IsCleared Whether the exception has been cleared by the Expense Processor.
SeverityLevel A numeric value indicating the severity level of the exception. The value threshold is configurable.
TransactionAmount The amount of the entry.
TransactionDate The date of the entry.
Type The exception type.


XML Example Request

POST$sQ6SKJFjLNs4OWBErcJ8yX/submit HTTP/1.1
Authorization: OAuth {access token}

XML example of Successful Response

<ReportStatus xmlns="" xmlns:i="">

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