Travel Request v4 - Request Cash Advance Resources

Note: This cash advance detail endpoint is provided within the Concur Request API for feature parity purpose only. It is highly recommended to rely only on the list of cash advances link available in the Request payload response, and not on this cash advance detail URI presented below, which will be deprecated in the future.

Get the content of an existing cash advance


travelrequest.write - Refer to Scope Usage for full details.

HTTP Request

URI Template
GET {datacenter}/travelrequest/v4/cashadvances/{cashAdvanceUuid}


Name Type Format Description
cashAdvanceUuid string - Required The unique identifier of the cash advance.



HTTP Response

HTTP Status Codes

To learn more about response HTTP status codes for this API see Travel Request v4 - HTTP Status Codes.


Cash Advance


HTTP Request

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer {token}

HTTP Response

200 OK
  "amountRequested": {
    "value": 1.000000,
    "currency": "USD",
    "amount": 1.000000
  "approvalStatus": {
    "code": "C_PEND",
    "name": "Pending Approval"
  "cashAdvanceId: EF3E237ACAA3C449B808BA75BDD049FA,
  "exchangeRate": {
    "value": 1.00000000000000,
    "operation": "MULTIPLY"
  "requestDate": 2019-11-14:T10:39:00.000Z"

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