Post an Event Notification Request


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Supported Accept Types

  • application/xml


The Event Notification callout sends the notification to a URI for the application connector, which can be in a custom location for each client. The standard location is:


The URI is configured on the Register Application Connector page in** Web Services** under Administration.

Request Headers - Required

Authorization header with Basic authorization for endpoint. Refer to Authentication for more information.

Request Headers - Optional


Request Schema

The request will include a Notification parent element, with the following child elements:

Element Description
EventType The event that triggered the callout. Format: Report Entered Expense Report Workflow Step - .
ObjectType The type of object that triggered the notification. Currently supports Expense Report and Travel Request. Format: EXPRPT, TRAVELREQ
ObjectURI The URI for the object. The developer can use the appropriate GET endpoint for the Object Type.
EventDateTime When the event happened. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
Context Message that the callout can use to provide the developer some context for the callout.

XML Example Request

POST /concur/v1.0/notify HTTPS/1.1
Authorization: Basic Y29uY3VyOmNvbmN1cg==

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <EventType>Report Entered Expense Report Workflow Step - SUBMIT</EventType>


Supported Content Types

  • application/txt

Content Body

The application connector responds with an HTTP 200 code when it successfully receives the notification.

Example of Successful Response

HTTPS 200 Success

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