Spend Documents V4

This is a limited release of the Spend Documents v4 API. This API supports downloading of the receipt images and compliance documents:

  • Fapiao OFD uploaded via the SAP Concur WeChat Mini app.
  • GRDC Receipts uploaded via SAP Concur Mobile.


This API is only available to partners who have been granted access. Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. This API is available in US and EMEA data centers.

Products and Editions

  • Concur Expense Professional Edition
  • Concur Expense Standard Edition

Scope Usage

Name Description Endpoint
spenddocs.receipts.compliance.read Read access to receipt compliance information GET


The user can use the Identity v4 API to retrieve the userId and companyId.

Access Token Usage

This API supports user and company level access tokens only.


Refer to Scope Usage for full details.

  • spenddocs.receipts.compliance.read

Get Receipt Representations

This endpoint returns compliance representations of a receipt by receiptId.


GET https://{datacenterURI}/spend-documents/v4/receipts/{receiptId}/representations?type=compliance


Name Type Format Description
receiptId string - Required


Status Codes

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