Hotel v2 - Read Itinerary

This API has been deprecated.

Deprecation Date: 10/14/2022

Partners and customers using a deprecated API should contact SAP Concur and discuss moving to the latest versions.

Learn more in the API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy.

Returns detailed information about a hotel reservation. Used in a process of booking a hotel to write information to Itinerary. Not invoked by user, but by automatic Concur process. Hotel Supplier should reply with HotelRes RS message in the same format, as for HotelResRQ.

SOAPAction OTA Name Message structure
Read Itinerary HotelRes OTA_ReadRQ


<Envelope xmlns="">
  <Header xmlns="">
    <authentication xmlns="">
  <Body xmlns="">
    <OTA_ReadRQ xmlns="" EchoToken="test_request_id" Version="5.002"
                PrimaryLangID="de" AltLangID="de">
        <Source ISOCurrency="USD">
          <RequestorID Type="1" ID="HTL011235"></RequestorID>
      <UniqueID Type="14" ID="88618333"></UniqueID>


Name Type Description
UniqueID complex Required A reference to identify the booking.


Name Type Description
Type stringLength1to32 Required Supported value: 14
ID stringLength1to32 Required UniqueID from HotelResRS is used as reservation ID.


The response to the Read Itinerary message is the same as the response to the Reservation request, which can be found under Reservation. The response content for cancelled reservations still requires fields marked as Required

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