Hotel v2 - Search

This API has been deprecated.

Deprecation Date: 10/14/2022

Partners and customers using a deprecated API should contact SAP Concur and discuss moving to the latest versions.

Learn more in the API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy.

Message to perform the initial search for hotels.

SOAPAction OTA Name Message Structure
search HotelSearch OTA_HotelSearchRQ


<Envelope xmlns="">
  <Header xmlns="">
    <authentication xmlns="">
  <Body xmlns="">
    <OTA_HotelSearchRQ xmlns="" EchoToken="test_request_id" Version="4"
                       PrimaryLangID="de" AltLangID="de" MaxResponses="100">
        <Source ISOCurrency="USD">
          <RequestorID Type="1" ID="HTL011235"></RequestorID>
          <Position Latitude="47.61037" Longitude="-122.20067"></Position>
          <HotelRef HotelName="sunshine"></HotelRef>
          <Radius Distance="5" DistanceMax="30" UnitOfMeasureCode="1"></Radius>
          <StayDateRange Start="2018-09-26" End="2018-09-27"></StayDateRange>
          <CustomField Name="OrgUnit" Value="Travel Agents"></CustomField>


Name Type Description
MaxResponses integer Required SAP Concur currently supports 100 search results in one (1) message. If more than 100 results are returned SAP Concur drops all results after the 100th entry.
Criteria complex Required Specified hotel search criteria.
TPA_Extensions complex This adds an Org Unit name to the Search request.


Name Type Description
Criterion complex Required Child elements that identify a single search criterion by criteria type.


The criterion is used to define the search criteria. Currently we support only one Criterion.

Name Type Description
Position complex Required for Search request only, but optional for Availability request. Used to specify the geographic coordinates of a location, expressed in notation specified by ISO standard 6709.
HotelRef complex Indicates the detail of hotel reference information.
Radius complex Used to specify the extent of a search area. The extent is relative to an element (position, address, hotelRef, etc.) present in this ItemSearchCriterionType that specifies a location.
StayDateRange complex Required Range of dates using ISO 8601.


Name Type Description
CustomFields complex This adds Org Unit name.


Name Type Description
CustomField - -
Name xs:string -
Value xs:string -


Name Type Description
Latitude stringLength1to16 Required The measure of the angular distance on a meridian north or south of the equator.
Longitude stringLength1to16 Required The measure of the angular distance on a meridian east or west of the prime meridian.


Name Type Description
HotelName stringLength1to128 A text field used to communicate the proper name of the hotel.


The radius element is used along with the Hotel Preference to categorize the search results.

Name Type Description
Distance stringLength1to16 Required The distance from a reference point.
DistanceMax stringLength1to16 Attribute indicating the distance from a reference point or Preferred (Corporate) hotels.
UnitOfMeasureCode stringLength1to16 Required The unit of measure in a code format. Refer to OpenTravel Code List of Measure Code (UOM). SAP uses 1 for miles, 2 for kilometers.


Name Type Description
Start date, time, or datetime Required The starting value of the time span.
End date, time, or datetime Required The ending value of the time span.


The maximum allowed size of OTA_HotelSearchRS is 1 MB. Any response that exceeds this limit will be dropped.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
  <SOAP-ENV:Header xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""/>
    <OTA_HotelSearchRS xmlns="" AltLangID="EN" PrimaryLangID="EN" Version="4">
        <Property ChainCode="HI" ChainName="Holiday Inn" HotelCode="22222" HotelName="Holiday Inn Express Sunshine">
          <Position Latitude="47.61038" Longitude="-122.20068"/>
            <AddressLine>99 East 27th Street</AddressLine>
            <StateProv StateCode="WA">Washington</StateProv>
            <CountryName Code="US">United States of America</CountryName>
            <ContactNumber PhoneNumber="+14255551234" PhoneTechType="1"/>
          <Award Rating="4"/>
          <HotelAmenity Code="173"/>
          <HotelAmenity Code="255"/>
              <PropertyReference ReferenceCatalogCode="1376249" ReferenceCatalogName="giata"/>


Name Type Description
Properties complex Required A collection of individual property information.
TPA_Extensions/SearchSessionToken stringLength1to128 Optional A token that links the Search results to Availability and Reservation requests.


Name Type Description
Property complex Required A property that matches some or all of the search criteria.


Name Type Description
ChainCode stringLength1to8 2-letter valid GDS chain code. The code that identifies a hotel chain or management group. Must be present to support filtering, preferences or travel rules base on chains
ChainName stringLength1to64 The name of the hotel chain. Examples: Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Starwood
HotelCode stringLength1to16 Required The code that uniquely identifies a single hotel property. Used in other OTA messages.
HotelName stringLength1to128 Required A text field used to communicate the proper name of the hotel.
Position complex Required Refer to Position in the Request.
Address complex Required Public address of the hotel property.
ContactNumbers complex Property contact numbers.
Award complex An element that identifies the hotel rating.
HotelAmenity complex List of hotel amenities.
TPA_Extensions complex SAP Concur-specific extension of OTA spec. This adds support for extra property fields.


Name Type Description
AddressLine stringLength1to255 The street name and number. Maximum occurrences: 5
CityName stringLength1to64 Name of the city.
PostalCode stringLength1to16 The postal code.
StateProv complex Name of the state.
CountryName complex Country name. Example: Ireland


Name Type Description
StateCode stringLength0to64 The standard code or abbreviation for the state, province, or region (note the code may not be available for all states).


Name Type Description
Code string Required The 2-letter ISO 3166 code of a country.


Name Type Description
ContactNumber complex Element which contains the ContactNumber. SAP Concur only accepts the first (1) ContactNumber of each supported type.


Name Type Description
CountryAccessCode stringLength1to32 The country code.
PhoneNumber stringLength1to32 Required The phone number.
PhoneTechType string SAP Concur currently only supports a PhoneTechType set to 1 (phone) or 3 (fax). You can omit this field only in case you are providing one contact number. We suggest to fill the type in all cases, it may become mandatory in the future.


Name Type Description
Rating integer Required Hotel rating should be an integer number from 0 to 5, representing its star rating. A rating value of 0 will be ignored and treated as N/A.


Name Type Description
Code string Refer to Supported Hotel Amenities

Supported Hotel Amenities

Code Description
173 Breakfast
255 Broadband Internet
228 Business Center
215 Convention Center
96 Dry Cleaning
48 Fitness Center
44 Game Room
236 Golf Course
54 Indoor Pool
289 Kids Activities
269 Meeting Rooms
198 Non-smoking Rooms
66 Outdoor Pool
224 Pets Allowed
76 Restaurant
71 Swimming Pool
233 Tennis Court
101 Wheelchair Accessible

TPA Extensions

Name Type Description
HotelPreference stringLength1to32 Required SAP Concur allows customers to override property preference in the system settings. Supported values: not_preferred, less_preferred, preferred, most_preferred
TPA_HotelPreviewImageURI complex Required Details for an image of a given category.
TPA_PropertyReferenceInfo complex Alternate property ID. Required for Corporate Discount Note support


Name Type Description
URL string Required Contains an HTTPS URL pointing to a .png or .jpg hotel image file. SAP Concur supports one image URL in the Search Response. For the ability to display more images refer to Descriptive Info message. The image will be used as a thumbnail and should be limited to 70x70 pixels to prevent image artifacts by scaling.


Name Type Description
ReferenceCatalogName string Required which catalog the property reference comes from. Support giata only for now
ReferenceCatalogCode string Required alternate property id (only giata id of hotel for now) from specified reference catalog

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