Attendees v2

This API has been deprecated.

Partners and customers using a deprecated API should contact SAP Concur and discuss moving to the latest versions.

Learn more in the API Lifecycle & Deprecation Policy.

The attendees in the Concur company. This resource can be used to retrieve attendee information for any attendee in the Concur company, regardless of whether they are Private or Shared. In future releases, this resource will be enhanced to provide full attendee management functionality.

This API allows developers to manage attendees in Concur. The Attendee resource can be used to retrieve attendee information for private or shared attendees. In future releases, the Attendee resource will be updated with additional functionality for managing all attendees in Concur.

The Attendee resource manages attendees in batches, and can be used to add, update or inactivate attendees. This resource provides functionality similar to the Attendee List Import in Concur. Attendees added using this resource are added to the Shared Attendee List (owned by the system and available to all users).


Access to this documentation does not provide access to the API. 

Product Restrictions

Concur products are highly configurable, and not all clients will have access to all features.

Partner developers must determine which configurations are required for their solution prior to the review process.

Existing clients can work with Concur Advantage Technical Services to create custom applications that work with their configuration.

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Get attendees

Retrieves the attendees matching the specified search criteria. Developers can specify one or more External IDs or the Attendee ID to search the Expense database.



Parameter Required/Optional Description
attendeeID optional Path: The unique identifier for the attendee in Concur. This information is returned in the AttendeeID element of the response of the Get Report Details function.
externalid optional Query: The unique identifier for the attendee outside of Concur. This information is returned in the ExternalID element of the response of the Get Report Details function. Up to 10 external IDs can be supplied in a comma separated list.



  • RFC 7235 Authorization - Authorization header with OAuth 2.0 access token for a Concur user. Required. To manage data for an entire company, the Concur account associated with the access token must have one of these roles:
    • Web Services Administrator for Professional
    • Can Administer for Standard.
  • RFC 7231 Content-Type: application/xml or application/json

Get Attendee Details Response

Content Types

  • application/json
  • application/xml

Content Body

This request will return an Attendees parent element containing an Attendee child element for each attendee.

Attendee elements

Element Description
AttendeeType The type of attendee. Maximum 40 characters.
FirstName The attendee’s first name. Maximum 50 characters.
LastName The attendee’s last name. Maximum 132 characters.
Company The attendee’s company name. Maximum 150 characters.
Title The attendee’s title. Maximum 32 characters.
ExternalID The unique identifier for the attendee, managed outside Concur. Maximum 48 characters.
Custom1 through Custom20 The details from the Custom fields. These may not have data, depending on configuration. For information about the child elements of this parent element, see the Custom child elements table below.
HasExceptionsPrevYear Whether the attendee has exceptions in the previous year, based on yearly total limits for attendees. Maximum 1 character. Format: Y/N
HasExceptionsYTD Whether the attendee has exceptions in the current year, based on yearly total limits for attendees. Maximum 1 character. Format: Y/N
IsDeleted Whether the attendee is marked as deleted. Maximum 1 character. Format: Y/N
OwnerEmpName The name of the employee that owns the attendee record.
TotalAmountPrevYear The total amount spent on the attendee in the previous calendar year.
TotalAmountYTD The total amount spent on the attendee in the current calendar year.
VersionNumber The attendee’s version number.
AttendeeID Attendee unique identifier within Concur.
AttendeeTypeCode The unique identifier for the attendee type.
AttendeeOwnerID The unique identifier for the person or system that owns the attendee.
CurrencyCode The 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code for attendee related amounts.

Custom elements

Element Description
Type The custom field type. Will be one of the following: Amount, Boolean, ConnectedList, Date, Integer, List, Number, Text.
Value The value in the custom field. Maximum 100 characters.
Code Custom list fields will include the list item code in this element.


XML Example Request with Attendee ID

Authorization: OAuth {token}

XML Example Request with External ID

Authorization: OAuth {token}

XML Example of Successful Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/xml
<Attendees xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
    <Company />
    <Title />
    <Custom1 />
    <Custom2 />
    <Custom3 />
    <Custom4 />
    <Custom5 />
    <Custom6 />
    <Custom7 />
    <Custom8 />
    <Custom9 />
    <Custom10 />
    <Custom11 />
    <Custom12 />
    <Custom13 />
    <Custom14 />
    <Custom15 />
    <Custom16 />
    <Custom17 />
    <Custom18 />
    <Custom19 />
    <Custom20 />
    <OwnerEmpName>Davis, Pat</OwnerEmpName>

Responses and Errors

Refer to the HTTP Codes page for details of the common responses and errors.

Attendee List Errors

The web service will not return a 4xx HTTP response code for a batch operation even when every item in the batch failed to be created or updated. The client must inspect the response to look for warnings or errors with individual batch items.

When there are errors with batch items, the first ten errors are returned in the <errors> element in the request response, which includes their error code, the item that caused the error, and the error message. Any additional error messages are truncated. This prevents a large volume of error data in the event of a formatting mistake.

XML Response Error Codes

Error Code Message
1101 Could not find attendee-batch element.
1102 Error parsing attendee record X
1201 Missing external id for attendee record X
1202 Missing attendee type
1203 Missing currency code
1204 External id too long
1205 Attendee type too long
1206 Invalid inactive value.
1207 Attendee of type NOSHOWS ignored.
1208 Invalid currency code
1209 Missing required field X
1210 Invalid time stamp for field X
1211 Invalid money or money value for field X
1212 Invalid money or numeric value for field X
1213 Invalid integer for field X
1214 Invalid boolean value for field X
1215 Invalid char value for field X
1216 Invalid varchar value for field X
1217 Value too long for field X
1218 Invalid attendee type
1219 More than one value was specified for the X field in record X
1221 Invalid code for field X
1222 Missing code for field X
1301 Unexpected error creating attendee
1302 Unexpected error updating attendee
1303 Unexpected error getting attendee type list
1304 Unexpected error processing batch request.
1305 Cannot update the attendee data for a non existing attendee.

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