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The table below lists all the possible scopes that an SAP Concur Partner Application might have access to. Please refer to the App Center Terms and Conditions and look under the “Shared Information” dialogue. Links to API endpoints that are accessible by each scope are mapped out.


  • One scope may have access to more than one API/Endpoint.
  • One scope may have both read and write access unless otherwise specified.
  • The partner application does not necessarily use all the APIs that are available for a scope.
Scope User Description                                       APIs
ATTEND Add, update, or deactivate attendees Attendees
BANK Employee Banking Report Details-Employee Banking
budgetitem.read Grants read access to the budget resources Budget v4
budgetitem.write Grants read and write access to the budget resources Budget v4
CCARD Credit Card Company Card Transactions, Report Details-Card Transactions
COMPD Company details Travel Profile v3 Company Details, Travel Profile v2 Custom Fields
company.read Read company profile information Profile, Company API (Profile v1)
company.write Read and update company profile information Profile, Company API (Profile v1)
CONFIG Understand how to post expense information according to your company’s configuration Expense Group Configurations, Quick Expense v4
CONREQ Use your travel profile information to get or update connection requests between SAP Concur and travel reward program partners Connection Requests 3.2, Connection Requests 3.0, Connection Requests 3.1
EMERG Emergency Contact information Travel Profile v2 Emergency Contact
events.topic.read Grants read and write access to Event Topics once subscribed Event Subscription Service v4
expense.exchangerate.writeonly Create custom exchange rates Exchange Rate v4
expense.report.read Get information about expense reports Comments v4, Reports v4, Allocations v4, Expenses v4
expense.report.readwrite Read and write expense report headers Comments v4, Reports v4, Allocations v4, Expenses v4
expense.report.workflowstatus.write Approve or Send Back the Report in the workflow Comments v4, Reports v4
EXPRPT Get, add, approve, or update expense reports Allocations v3, Expense Report Entry v2, Expense Report Form Field v1.1, Expense Report Form v1.1, Expense Report Itemization v3, Expense Report Integration Status v2, Expense Report POST Exceptions v1.1, Expense Report POST Submission v1.1, Expense Report POST Workflow v1.1, Expense Reports v3, Expense Report v2, Expense Entry Itemization POST v1.1, Expense Entry Itemization v1.1, Expense Entry v1.1, Expense Entry GET 1.1, Expense Entry POST 1.1, Expense Report Header v1.1, Expense Reports List v1.1, Expense Report v1.1 Report Details, Expense Report v1.1 Locations, Expense Report v1.1 Location, Expense Report v2, Expense Report v2 Reports
EXTRCT Extract expense data Extracts v1
fiscalcalendar.read Grants read access to the fiscal calendar Budget v4
fiscalcalendar.write Grants read and write access to the fiscal calendar Budget v4
identity.user.ids.read Read user ID data Identity v4
identity.user.core.read Read user core data Identity v4
identity.user.coresensitive.read Read core sensitive data Identity v4
identity.user.enterprise.read Read user enterprise data Identity v4
identity.user.coreenterprise.writeonly Write access to all core and enterprise fields except externalID Identity v4
identity.user.externalID.writeonly Write access to externalID only Identity v4
IMAGE Add or get invoice and receipt images Receipt Image v3, Receipt Image v1
INSGHT Access itineraries and identify missing trip segments Insights-Latest Bookings, Insights-Opportunities
invoice.providerpayment.write Read access to pending payments, and write access to payment status Invoice Pay v4
INVPMT Create, Retrieve and Update for Payment Requests Invoice Payment Request v3, Invoice Retrieve Payment Request Digests v3
INVPO Create or update purchase orders Invoice Purchase Orders v3
INVTV View tax invoices and update validation status Invoice Sales Tax Validation Request v3
INVVEN Vendors search and retrieve list of vendors Invoice Vendor v3, Invoice Vendor Group Swagger, Invoice Vendor Bank Swagger
ITINER Get, add, or update travel itineraries and bookings Itinerary Web Service, Travel-Booking Resource, Itinerary Service, Travel-Trips v1.1, Travel Services, Trip Approval v1
LIST Use and update drop-down lists configured by your company List Item v3, List v1, List v1 Resource, Get List of List v1, Post New List v1, Budget v4
locate.location.read Allows the application to only to view the SAP Concur Locate user location User Location v4
locate.location.write Allows the application to write user location information using SAP Concur Locate API service User Location v4
MEDIC Medical alerts Travel Profile v2 Medical Alerts
NOTIF Receive notifications when expense reports change Event Notification Callout, Get Notification, Delete Notification, Post Notification
PASSV Passport visa information Travel Profile v2 Passport, Travel Profile v2 Visa
PAYBAT Close and export payment batches Payment Batches v1.1
purchaserequest.read Allows you to retrieve purchase requests Purchase Request v4
purchaserequest.write Allows you to create new purchase requests Purchase Request v4
quickexpense.writeonly Write quick expense Quick Expense v4
RCTIMG Add or update receipt and OCR images Receipt Image v3
receipts.read Read receipt data Receipts v4
receipts.write Read receipt data and post receipts Receipts v4
receipts.writeonly Post receipts on your behalf Receipts v4, Quick Expense v4
spend.list.delete Delete capabilities for spend lists List v4
spend.list.read Read only access to spend list and category details Reports v4, Allocations v4, Expenses v4, List v4
spend.list.write Read and write access to spend lists List v4
spend.listitem.delete Delete capabilities for spend list items List Item v4
spend.listitem.read Read only access to spend list items listItemId Reports v4, Allocations v4, Expenses v4, List Item v4
spend.listitem.write Read and write access to spend list items List Item v4
SUPSVC Get supplier data Suppliers v3
TAXINV Get or validate digital tax invoices Sales Tax Validation v3
TMCSP TMC specific information Travel Profile v2 TMC
travelallowance.allowancedays.read View the allowance days in an expense report Travel Allowance API
travel.itinerary.read Itinerary v4  
travel.receipts.read Read travel receipt requests Travel Receipts, Travel Receipts Sample
travel.receipts.write Post travel receipts Travel Receipts, Travel Receipts Sample
travelrequest.write Add, update, or delete travel requests Request v4
TSAI TSA information Travel Profile v2 TSA
TRVPRF Access and update Concur Travel profile information Travel Profile v2, Travel Profile v2 Resource
TRVPTS Access user balances and post travel points redemptions Travel Profile v1 Travel Points
TRVREQ Add, update, or delete authorization requests Travel Request v3
TWS Approve or reject travel itineraries Trip Approvals
UNUTX Unused tickets Travel Profile v2 Unused Tickets
USER Add or update SAP Concur user accounts User v1, User v3, User v3.1
user.read Read profile information Profile, User API (Profile v1), Comments v4, Reports v4, Allocations v4, Expenses v4, Quick Expense v4
user.write Read and update profile information Profile, User API (Profile v1)
user_read Read only access to user travel preference data User v1, User v3, User v3.1

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